Comprehensive, Easy, Secure

Online Branded Company Stores

 Branding Essentials by annie & de  offers a comprehensive e-commerce solution for businesses that need an easy and secure solution to order and purchase branded corporate apparel and promotional products.  We provide sourcing, website hosting and secure payment transactions.  


Save Time

Save office managers, human resources or administrative staff time by offering a simple, streamlined process ordering process for corporate apparel.  No more handing out order forms, collecting sizes and managing payments.   No more company dollars and resources get wasted on the sourcing and managing the time consuming process  of ordering and purchasing corporate apparel. Branding Essentials by annie & de will handle every step of the process for you.

Plus, save your employees time to shop merchandise their leisure through the use of a simple online platform. 

Brand Management

Branding Essentials by annie & de will manage your brand to ensure brand consistency.   We will work to understand your objectives, learn your priorities and your brand guidelines. Together we select merchandise that reinforces your branding strategy, and helps you achieve your goals. 

  • Curated merchandise chosen specifically for your organization
  • Pre-approved branding and logo management
  • Graphic designers available to aid in logo development and placement
  • Consistent branding across all of your company's products, ensuring solid adherence to your company's brand standards

Employee Engagement Programs

Reward your employees with branded merchandise.  We can help create a clothing allowance program for uniform recognition; employees can order personal items up to a set value that you determine; we'll handle the accounting and charge employee credit cards for overages.

Enterprise Store

With an Enterprise store, employees can order materials like promotional products, apparel, banners, table throws, and more for company use.  Ordering all from one location ensures brand consistency and control over the apparel and products that are being used to represent your organization.

An Enterprise store is ideal for sales organizations and event management.