One Stop Shop For All Things Swim Team

Competition Swim Suits

Stock competition swim suit

Competition and practice swim suits offered by friendly & knowledgeable staff.  We will provide a sizing kit (1 of each size for boys and girls) for team try on.  Customized or Stock prints available from TYR, Nike, Arena, Speedo, and more.

Swim Caps Goggles

Custom silicone swim cap and stock googles

Custom silicone swim caps offer a unified look for your swim team.  Team logo and  personalization (swimmer last name) available.  We offer custom or stock goggles in youth and adult sizes.

Spirit Wear

Custom swim team spirit wear

Swimmers, coaches and parents love to show their team spirit by wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, gear bags, coaches' shirts and beach towels with their team logo.   We offer custom embroidery and screen printing.

Pool Equipment

Custom banner and tent

Backstroke flags, tents, banners, ribbons, awards are just a few of the custom items we can offer with your swim teams logo on them.

End of Year Gifts

Custom swim team beach towel

Show your appreciation to your coaches and volunteers with custom team logo gifts.  Swimmer gifts could include t-shirts, bags, water bottles and more.  

Let's Plan for your teams merchandise needs now, so you have a smooth season

We know you are a volunteer, we have been there- both on many swim teams and other community and school groups.  Our job is to make your job easier.  We can help you identify and plan for all of your teams needs, now, so that you won't have to stress during the summer months.

Schedule a time now to plan your season